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Featured group: MSC Alumni Working in CARD

CARD or the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development was founded in 1986 as a social development organization has now grown into the country’s microfinance leader. It offers microloans to support the livelihood activities of poor women and it also initiates programs in education, health, and agriculture.  Today CARD has expanded to many institutions,  including a microfinance organization, a bank for small and medium enterprises, an insurance agency, a leasing company, a pharmacy, and many others.  Collectively these companies are known as CARD MRI ( CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions ) .

MSC Institute of Technology has been a reliable provider of IT knowledge workers to CARD MRI, especially to the company tasked to support the information and communication technology requirements of the group,  the CARD MRI Information Technology Inc. (CMIT).  The current CMIT President and Vice President  are  MSC alumni.

Here’s a partial list of MSC alumni working at CARD:

CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc.

  • Edgar V. Cauyan – President       MSC class ’94, Computer Technology Course
  • Roderick G. Mercado – Vice President. MSC class ’97, Computer Technology Course
  • Alexzander B. Sanciangco – Application Manager. MSC class ’08, Programming
  • Wemelyn C. Madrigal – Finance Officer   MSC class ’97, OMC
  • Maricar C. Lansang – Service Desk Analyst  MSC class ’07, PC Op./OMC
  • Lesther P. Larracas – System Admin.   MSC class ’04, Computer Technician Course
  • Jerrom Ibardeloza – Information Security  MSC class ’03, Computer Technology Course
  • Louie B. Endozo – IT Operations Analyst MSC class ’99, Computer Technology Course
  • Lemuel T. Dimaano – IT Operator   MSC class ’08, Computer Hardware Servicing II

CARD MRI Insurance Agency

  • Rose Ann Chavez – Marketing and Acct. Officer  MSC class ’10, PC Operation with Office Management.


  • Filomena Bagsic – Executive Assistant   MSC class ’07, Internet Technology Course
  • Maribeth Dinglasan – Unit Manager   MSC class ’08, PC Operation with Office Mgt.
  • Alvin Alon – Unit Manager   MSC class ’08, PC Operation with Office Mgt.

CARD MRI Insurance Agency, Inc.

  • Angelo Dayaon – IT Assistant   MSC class 2007, Computer Technology Course

CARD NGO Cagayan Autonomous Region (CAR)

  • Dondon Mercado – Regional Director   MSC class ’98, Computer Technician Course


Welove MSC!

MSC alumni working in CARD.

Like many companies in San Pablo, CARD is a regular partner of MSC when it needs personnel to fill up vacant posts whether in IT and other positions.

Testimonials from College, Vocational, Technical Alumni

Where do our college, technical and vocational school graduates go? To success in various fields!

MSC provided me the knowledge that served as a tool to keep me moving forward in my career. I learned techniques on how to face challenging situations. MSC prepared me for this. No matter how much you know today, you’ll have to know more tomorrow.

Edgar Cauyan
CARD MRI Information Technology, Inc.
Graduated: Computer Technology, MSC Institute of Technology, 1994

I prayed to God and submitted my dreams to guide me and show me the right way to walk through. I was surprised when I received a letter from MSC regarding my 100% scholarship for a short course in Computer Operation.

On 1997, I finished my 2-year Computer Technology Course, which was full of training and hands-on experiences.

Ang hirap mag-apply ng trabaho. Buti na lang nandyan ang MSC para pansamantalang kanlungan at lalo ka pang bibigyan ng mga actual training. MSC gave me priceless skills and abilities which I treasure up to now. Ito ang nagamit ko sa aking kasalukuyan trabaho upang mapa-bilib ang mga boss ko. 
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IT Manager – CARD Bank, Inc.
Graduated: Computer Technology, MSC Institute of Technology, 1997

Currently I am a Software Developer at Teligent Systems, Inc. in Makati City working on projects that involve mobile technology and banking solutions.

I feel that the education I received at VYP-MSC was carefully planned for me and provided me with comprehensive knowledge and experience in Office Management and Computer Technology. I have learned to handle multiple tasks at the same time without someone pushing for it. This experience helped me in my job a lot where I have to manage multiple projects and prioritize various tasks. Its caring faculty and staff who takes the time to get to know students on a personal basis is second to none, and it was very easy to build friendships with the receptive community of students as well.

Rommelson N. Guisando
Software Developer
Teligent Systems Inc
Graduated: Computer Technology, MSC Institute of Technology, 2001

My life at VYP-MSC Institute of Technology is something that I will always be proud of, and look back to. Its good people and the friendly learning experience helped me find out more about my abilities and interests. Thanks to the decision I made to take Office Management Course at MSC. My certificate has certainly served as my passport to my career….

My MSC experience was indeed incredible and helped me find the right career.
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Leticia Changco-Baybay
Branch Office Administrator
Silec Cable (a General Cable company)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

My stay in MSC Computer Learning Center was a very enriching experience. I came to this school to be simply acquainted with computer knowledge, and hoping it help me get immediate employment right after graduation. In reality; I got much more than an academic degree. I learned about “real-world” assignments…

For existing students or to those who are still choosing which school they think would be dependable for their future, I highly recommend to choose VYP-MSC Computer Center, You will definitely be in Good Hands.
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Annabelle Briones
VYP-MSC Computer Training Center, 1999

I am now working as a Junior Multimedia Engineer at Rendition Digital Inc. in Makati City. My work involves screen capture, text and graphic integration, image manipulation/ optimization, flash integration, modification of design layout to suit changes in the content, conceptualizing and executing designs, innovative user interface for web and other multimedia projects.

The things that I learned at MSC is my shining armor when I applied for a job in Makati. My Internet Technology course introduced me not only to the latest technology but also to a problem-based and team-centered study approach. I have also experienced how to handle problems in the field of Desktop Publishing and Web Designing that gave me confidence in my current work.

Junior Multimedia Engineer
Rendition Digital, Inc
MSC High School, 2004
Internet Technology , MSC Institute of Technology, 2006