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Issue 17 – 25th MSC Founding Anniversary Updates & Base Multiplication

Nov 28, 2014         Issue 17

25th MSC Founding Anniversary Celebration Updates

We are inviting everyone to join our 25th Founding Anniversary activities

  • MSC Christmas Music Video Contest
  • MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014
  • MSC Alumni Basketball League
MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

MSC Alumni Homecoming 2014

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In this issue

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Erwin Ciar Makes it to PinaSikat Grand Finals

An MSC graduate is now making waves on primetime national TV! Erwin Ciar, a graduate of MSC’s Computer Technology Course in 2002 won in PinaSikat, a segment in the popular noontime TV show Showtime.

Erwin Ciar as D' Kings

Erwin Ciar as D’ Kings Doble-Cara

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MSC Origins Part XI: Stories at the Annex

When MSC initially rented the old Agrix supermarket building, also known as MSC Annex, it had two classrooms and an office on the second floor; a computer lab, and two classrooms, and a small office on the first floor. The building was actually the front part of the Bunquin family compound. By June 1996, this building was used by the first three classes (1st to 3rd year) of the MSC High School.

annex hallway

MSC Annex Hallway

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Stories from the Alumni: Sammy Suco

Pagpasensyahan nyo na po…. Galing po ako sa mahirap na pamilya, kaya noon, wala na ako pag-asa makapag-college… Salamat na lang may MSC, nakapag-aral ako at sa tulong ng naging amo ko sa Tiaong.

Sammy Suco

Samson SucoComputer Technology Course class 1998
Computer Technician Course class 1999
Current work: IT Support, Al Arrab Contracting Compny (ACC), Riyadh, KSA

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MSC Firsts: First School to have Computerized Student Council Elections (1992)

In 1991, MSC’s first batch of two-year course students totaled more than 70. Even with a group this small, the students organized clubs as well as a student council. Of course there had to be elections for the student council officers and being in a computer school, the students themselves created a program to count the votes!

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Conversion: Feet to Meters

To convert feet to meters, we could approximate by multiplying the measurement in feet by 0.3 to convert it into meters. This is the exact reverse of the method we used to convert meters to feet.

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MSC 17 – Base Multiplication: Multiplying “Teen” Numbers and Others

Most of us have learned by heart the multiplication table up to 10 x 10. A simple technique will enable us to extend our multiplication power up to 20 x 20.

For example: Compute 14 x 12

Cover one of the ten’s digit and add what remains to the other number: 14 + 2 or 4 + 12 will both give 16. This will be the first or left hand part of the product.

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  • Stories from the Alumni: Joan Miranda
  • MSCs first – First Registered Caregiving School in San Pablo City
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